"untitled 2"

for a while now i've characterized A and L as blue and red respectively, and i think those colors represent their personas very well
the fact that the background isn't entirely purple tells me that there's conflict, some areas are more blue, some are more red, some are a nice purple mix, but it's not consistent, it's chaos, but onI SAW THE FACE OF GOD IN THIS PAINTING, HE LOOKED AT ME, AND IN HIS EYES I SAW THE FACES OF EVERY BEING THAT HAS EVER LIVED, AND EVER WILL LIVE, AND HE TURNED, AND I SAW MYSELF IN HIM, AND I WAS HAPPYy in color, the reds and blues are all uniform in shape and direction more or less, so i guess it's controlled chaos
the black splotch sort of looks like a skull but it wasn't intentional

i sort of see the color red as this malicious, self-serving energy, but it's not evil. i think the black evokes this sort of of irredeemable evil, permanent darkness, a stain on the controlled chaos it sits upon
i think the black represents the real problem, whereas the reds and blues fight over petty things