Jeffrey Polfuss (AKA Jeff Wolf)

anyone inimately familiar with the work of james chapeskie will recognize jeff from a number of videos. jeff met james and nicole at film school, attending there after 30 years of being a winemaker
jeff makes his own videos aside from being a major player in james production
at the time of writing his youtube channel "ludicrous film production" only has about 30 subscribers, with some of his videos having views in the single digits, jeff's content is FRESH, PEOPLE!
james is actually a frequent guest star on a lot of these videos, as most of them appear to be school projects.
jeff does nothing by the book, the majority of his videos are filmed in his house with some friends and his very patient wife, robyn.
he also seems to have a large collection of high-quality puppets and animal costumes, which he frequently uses in his films.
most recently, he is releasing a film entitled "wizard prince", however he is releasing it in parts out of order
currently parts 2 and 4 are available to watch, and the rest are forthcoming