tell me what's on your mind

i'll try to let you know how i feel about it


10/25/2020 5:44pm-henrique

excellent music, gorgeous art,#pleasecometobrazil

--thanks and maybe i will when the world isn't ending

10/25/2020 2:26am-breno

heey, your song nuclear pigeon reminds me of the last album of david bowie, you are my favorite american jew. XXOO

--i like his weird later stuff and i'm not a jew but thank you

10/25/2020 2:14am-leticia

do you have any plans on releasing a new album?

--yeah i'm working on it right now, it's called "park" (you can check it out here)

oh, forgot to mention... the untitled 6 reminds me of an histological slide and i get some bill wurtz's vibes from one of them too. that's very cool

--microanatomy is very beautiful and bill wurtz is my dad

10/21/2020 4:43pm-walter

what do you think today's number will be?


10/1/2020 12:58am- gray

first of all, what the fuck is up my dude?

--been better honestly

second of all, what does god look like?

--god looks like me, and you, we are all god, even the plants and the soil, god is everything

9/26/2020 11:35pm- sabrina

how many fingers am i holding up?


9/26/2020 11:21pm- louis

pretty empty, too

-- chill, we just made it

9/26/2020 10:43pm- alex

it's cold in here

9/26/2020 10:36pm- bryce

testing testing one two three

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