the big doll

this dream started with a strange vision of oranges and reds and blacks, really beautiful flowing colors
they flowed like they were in a stream, in fact they WERE in a stream, they were koi fish swimming by my feet
and i looked around a found myself in a japanese garden, but it looked fake, like i was on a movie set
i stepped throgh the sliding door in the little house behind me
the floor was covered in action figures and toy trucks and whatnot... and a huge strange looking baby doll in the corner, its head went all the way up to the ceiling
it wore all blue
i was unphased by the doll decided to clean up the room so i picked up all the toys and put them in a box by the door
i picked up the giant doll and surprisingly it was extremely light
i placed it in another corner and started to pick up some more toys, when i turned around it had disappeared
when i turned around again it was right behind me with a terrifying new face