the house

this is basically to describe a place in which i often find myself when i dream
it's a house by the sea
i've had many dreams over the years where i felt the presence of this house
i don't remember the first time i dreamt of this house, i think it was sometime in middle school
i don't know what the house looks like from the outside, i've only been inside
and sometimes, the rooms in the house can look just like rooms in my childhood home, or like the rooms in the apartment i currently live in
but i can always tell when i am in this hhouse regardless of how it looks
in this house it is always raining outside, but the sun always beams through the windows, sometimes even at night
the lower levels of this house are ver fancy, it's like a mansion, with high stone ceilings and ornate furniture
it's like a maze down there, very easy to get lost, and all the rooms looks similar
leading down into this part is a large white room, it looks like an empty art gallery almost

i don't know where this house is supposed to be, because it seems to appear in lots of different places
but i do remember having a dream where i was driving through atlantic city just as it began to pour with rain
for some reason i drove onto the beach as every one there was running for shelter from the rain
my car got stuck in the wet sand and i had to get out
i stood alone on the beach in the rain
i began to walk backwards through the sand and seemed to go under an old wooden awning that hadn't been there before, then through a door, and it shut in front of me

the upper levels of the house seem to change a lot
the first floor is usually pretty cramped, small rooms, narrow doorways, and the furniture takes up most of the space in each area
the rooms all seem to be in a straight line, so if you stand at the front door you can see through each dooray all the way to the other side of the house
none of these rooms seem to get any naural light, the curtains are always closed, but each room has a nice warm feel to it, just one or two lamps in each