the little doll

i remember being in my bathroom in the house i grew up in
i was with a friend of mine and my mom, we were doing some rennovation
all the carpet in the hallway was ripped up and i heard a lot of hammering and drilling
i walked around the corner to my bedroom and everything was rearranged, and there was a strange new door in the corner that i had never seen before
there were these two teenage girls in the room i didn't recognize, and they had decided to go through the mysterious new door
it was a long dark hallway, with mirrors for walls
it seemed to go on forever, and their flashlights couldn't reach the end
they noticed some spots on the mirror, was it blood?
yes it certainly was, and the blood stain seemed to lead downward
their lights followed the trail of blood until they reached a tiny little doll sitting in a puddle and they screamed