frequently asked questions (to me)

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what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

i tend not to be tied down by a single flavor

what's your favorite word?


what's your least favorite word?


what do you put in your spaghetti?

spaghetti sauce

what's your favorite tyson foods product?

i prefer bison foods

what's the worst bird?

a seagull

what's your favorite planet?


can you hear me now?

not really

what's your shoe size?


do you have a podcast?

i don't think so

what color is a mirror

whatever color you want it to be

what are the colors of the days of the week?

monday is red, tuesday is blue wednesday is yellow, thursday is green, friday is orange saturday is pink, and sunday is also pink

how many times does a question need to be asked before it is considered a frequently asked question?

it depends on what you consider to be a question

what is your favorite color?

this one

is a hot dog a sandwich?

who gives a shit

what is your sock size?

i think medium

what inspires you to make music?

liking it

who are alex and louis?

they live behind my eyeballs

is success important?


what is important?

finding something that is important to you

what is the sky?

very vast and pretty and far away

how often do you go to the beach?

probably twice a year

where are you?

trapped inside of a skull

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