Speaking members will keep their comments concise

The Figures shall be viewed in their entirety by the Board, each followed by a brief discussion period
Members will remian quiet and attentive during the viewings, and are expected to conduct themselves civilly during the discussion periods
Related Objects will be displayed with their coinciding Figures, and will only be handled by the appointed Vogt

Enough time will be allotted to transport detainees into Board Room

There will be no interruptions or cross examination from the Board

Speaking members will summarize their findings



SUBJECT: N. HAMEL (Deceased)

The Board will adhere to the rules stipulated in the Confidentiality Agreement with The Partner:

Subject witnessed [REDACTED] and was one of seven surviving [REDACTED]
Subject is now in the custody of [REDACTED] is excavated.

"I'm not sure what happened today
But some puzzle pieces are falling into place, I'm almost certain David has something to do with this
You know me, probably even better than Abigail... you know I wouldn't make this up
We should find a time to meet again, my camera got damaged in the blast so unfortunately the images don't tell the full story
I'm waiting on when I'm going to tell the kids about what's been going on, I just need more time, although I fear we're running out
If for some reason we can't meet again, I included some copies of my notes and this camera in the package, Give it to Eli, I think he would put it to good use


Member has received word of unusual activity at LOCATION DELTA from multiple sources
Member decides to wait until nightfall before entering the factory grounds
CHAMBER #1- Nothing to report
CHAMBER #2- Nothing to report

The Engine Room at LOCATION DELTA has since been sealed
MEMBER 687's remains were not recovered in their entirety
However the member's camera, clothes, and other belongings were found stacked neatly by the factory gate
There is a short final recording on the camera, presumably taken following the member's demise


Detainee investigates LOCATION BETA, encounters OBJECT #12, witnesses a transformation of 2A to 2B

Hey Eli, here's what I wanted to show you and your sister
Sorry if it's weird communicating like this, I'm not exactly on great terms with you-know-who
It's just up this road here
It definitely came through here, look at what it left behind
It must have seen me by this point
Decided to take a closer look
I thought I was following its trail but something seemed off
Almost like it knew I was coming out here before I did
Make sure the doors are locked although I don't know how effective that will be
I tried getting through to your mom last week but he really has a tight hold on her mind, it's sick
But I'm sure you and Ruth know that better than I do
I don't think I'm gonna be around for a while
I got contacted by some organization, they want to hear what I know
It's shady, I know, but you haven't seen what I have
And for your sake, I hope you never do


Subject enters LOCATION ALPHA with no issues
FIRST ENTITY- encountered while driving
SECOND ENTITY- followed on trail
THIRD ENTITY- awakened by subject

"had a sudden urge to drive somewhere
haven't driven in a while, it felt good
you remember that place matthew used to take us in the spring?
i know what you're gonna say, but it really felt like i needed to be out there
especially after everything that's been going on lately
eveything started feeling weird after i went past the checkpoint
you'd think there would actually be security guards from all those ads they put out
i guess you were right, they were just to scare people
although i think they themselves are pretty scared too
there weren't supposed to be any other cars on this road
i pulled to the side and laid my seat back
when it drove past i tried to take a look, but it almost looked like the car was driving itself
i kept driving
i don't really remember parking the car
funny how our minds work, i haven't even thought about this place in years and yet i remembered exactly where the path was
started hearing some weird sounds behind me
i've been thinking about what you said about claire
and it just doesn't make any sense to me, she would have said something to us for sure
if i had to guess, i'd say she's out here too
found the old road, i don't remember it being this far out
lots of memories here, not all great, it was so much nicer when the birds were still chirping
but i felt at home nonetheless
i didn't think he'd still be out here"


The appointed Vogt will transport Detainees from the holding area to the Board Room