i am god, and so are you

god is everything, life and death, not just one entity

i feel like i've been manipulated for a long time into putting my faith into fiction

i will make my own destiny

and i believe that everyone's concept of god is based on their own individual experiences, and therefore the concept of organized religion is oppressive to the individual

it's about controlling people through fear, and i shouldn't fear god

i don't respect a god that demands respect, god is not a tyrant

god is the sky, and the trees, and the factories, and the birds, and the litter on the ground, and the person that littered, and the asteroid a hundred lightyears away floating alone in the dark for trillions of years

god is the playing out of elements colliding in space for eternity, all happening simultaneously, god interacting with themself

i saw the face of god, and i saw the faces of everyone i loved and hated, people i haven't met, and people i've forgotten, i laughed, and i cried, i felt god's presence with me because i felt closer to the atoms in my body, and aware of all these physical funtions and chemical reactions that make up my existence

it's hard to put into words, that's why i try to express these things in other media
i often feel restricted by language to express the truly abstract

did you know birds can see ultraviolet waves, which means that they can see colors that humans can't even comprehend?

there are parts of the universe that even have different laws of physics

our very narrow perspective in this tiny corner of the universe can't possibly begin to describe god, and yet we do. god finds themself, god is curiosity

all this said, it is my responsibility to make it clear once again that the concept of god is individual, my view should not interefere with your own journey in finding your place in the cosmos