i like making music, but sometimes the music i make sucks, as most of these do. the act of creating, however, is sometimes more rewarding than the product. when i started making these in the summer of 2019 i didn't really know what i was doing (not that i do now, either) but i like to keep these up so i can look back on the progress i've made.

6/17/2019-hiatus kaiyote-nakamarra (4:34)

6/18/2019-jack stauber-dead weight (3:03)

6/18/2019-clairo-pretty girl (3:16)

6/19/2019-prefab sprout-knock on wood (4:57)

6/20/2019-ray charles-georgia on my mind (11:19)

6/21/2019-told slant-sweater (3:53)

6/24/2019-pink floyd-the gnome (2:31)

6/25/2019-horace silver-nutville (6:08)

6/26/2019-syd barret- terrapin (3:55)

6/27/2019-chet baker-everything happens to me (9:11)

6/29/2019-john coltrane-giant steps (2:36)

7/1/2019-dizzy gillespie- a night in tunisia (6:13)

7/2/2019-dave van ronk- hang me, oh hang me (3:26)

7/3/2019-pink floyd- if (4:27)

7/4/ so it begins (4:49)

7/8/2019-nick drake- parasite (4:46)

7/8/2019-cyberbully mom club- smking to dth (4:44)

7/9/2019-melvins- a history of bad men (4:08)

7/10/2019-krokofant- juice (10:19)

7/17/2019-jack stauber- buttercup (2:57)

7/26/2019-mndsgn- camelblues (2:46)

7/31/2019-moonchild- the list (4:59)

8/1/2019-jack stauber- gettin' my mom on (2:46)

8/5/2019-jack stauber- oh klahoma (3:59)

8/6/2019-beatles- michelle (3:55)

8/7/2019-pink floyd- let there be more light (3:33)

8/11/2019-nai palm- atoll (2:45)

8/12/2019-jack stauber- baby hotline part one (2:08)

8/15/2019-hiatus kaiyote- the lung (4:10)

8/15/2019-fox academy- vampire banquet (2:26)

8/19/2019-charles mingus- self portrait in three colors (5:03)

8/20/2019- beatles- strawberry fields forever (3:35)

8/21/2019-pink floyd- corporal clegg (5:14)

8/23/2019-horace silver- peace (8:54)

8/26/2019-pink floyd- hey you (3:58)

8/27/2019-connie converse- how sad, how lovely (2:34)

8/29/2019-temporex- nice boys (2:35)

9/1/2019-vic berger- every time i get close to you (3:44)

10/30/2019-tom veloso- clarao (3:10)

1/3/2020-vulfpeck- beastly (5:00)

1/30/2020-the garden- egg (3:19)

4/8/2020-the garden- thy mission/ampm truck (2:52)

8/2/2022-sibylle baier- william (3:21)

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