railroad spikes (2:23)

credit cards and tree bark (3:26) [keep]

dogmen posters (4:47) [probably will cut, doesn't really fit with the rest]

comfy tan couch (6:24) [MAYBE keep]

white 2004 mitsubishi endeavor (2:34) [keep]

scratched aviators (2:55) [probably will cut or at least change the title and lyrics]

moonflower paperweight (2:53) [keep]

broken aux cord (3:05) [keep]

pink toilet on the side of the road (3:31) [keep]

old drawings (3:06) [maybe]

proverbs and blackberry pie (1:46)

waterproof headphones (2:57)

more tentative titles:
stones and shells
cardboard matches
railroad spikes
photo of me and an old friend
red paint
yellow samsonite
craigslist casio