things lyrics

railroad spikes

this one found me in the snow
far out from any town
this one found me behind
that big bezos slave house
this one found me in the rain
by the train rolling past and shaking the ground
this one found me, it found me

this one found me outside
by that drive-in theatre we never went to
this one found me alone
regretting that i ever met you
this one found me in the dark
crawling through a window of some building reclaimed by the earth
this one found me, it found me

credit cards and tree bark

ten pairs of tired eyes
closing for the last time
sleeping heavy ain't a crime
retreating to the backs of their minds

your smile is so divine
and so is cyanide
i gotta tell you, you've been seeming a little crazy lately
but i won't hold it against you unless you're gonna take mine too

whatcha got in your pocket?
credit cards and tree bark
you're all you'll ever know
long as they stay below
and you can go back home
fuck it if it works

it's easy to get bogged down in the details
and i know that so i wrote this little booklet
you can read it if you want i'll read it to you
you can hear it how i had it in my head

2004 mitsubishi endeavor

just a passenger
always got some nasty burden on my back
i'm sure you've got someone to go to when you're lonely
if only i could be so senseless that i'd be
masquerading ideology
thinking of you every time i see
that white mitsubishi SUV

i love you
i miss you
i'd hold you
but i killed you
i love you
i miss you
i'd kiss you
but i killed you...

moonflower paperweight

watching me drown
in another town
how could you possibly
be so proud of me?

moonflower paperweight
how could you even relate?

i know you
but only a part of you
images slowly
draining from my memory