ween- "the mollusk" (1997)

the old stand-by, this album never fails to cheer me up if i'm feeling shitty. what always struck me about this album, especially when i first discovered it when i was 16, was how every song sounded TOTALLY different from the last. it's this hysterical genre-hopping trip, and i think that really influenced me early on, and is probably why i'm so obsessed now with making each thing i make sound completely alien from the previous track. degenerate was so heavily inspired by this (and a lot of pink floyd, in fact two of the tracks on it were just floyd covers). stephen hillenburg had said that this album inspired a lot of elements of spongebob and i totally see that, and i guess since i grew up with spongebob i get this nice nostalgic feeling when i listen to it. it manages to be so hilarious while also just being damn good music, "polka dot tail" gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. and the way it opens is just, genius. i get so many good and bad memories when i listen to this album now, but the music itself always puts me in a better mood, it always gets me inspired, i love this album. thinking about park, i think the loose association with nature that i used is very similar to the loose association this album has to the sea, that wasn't intentional but it's interesting.

best tracks

waving my dick in the wind
polka dot tail
ocean man
i'm dancing in the show tonight
cold blows the wind