been a little while, can't say i've been busy though

alex has been taking over a lot lately but i'm not sure why, things have been going relatively smoothly

just been kinda lonely i guess, haven't really been leaving the room much, plus it makes it worse that i haven't recorded anything in what seems like an eternity

it's okay though,like i said things are good

my business cards came in today i think they turned out really nice

i guess i really don't have much else to say

i have so many ideas but no realistic way of following throught with them, makes me feel pathetic sometimes, i know alex normally talks like this but maybe him and i are more alike than we thought, plus louis has been making the rounds quite a lot the past few weeks

too much fucking stress what with all these _______ arounds us, feels like we're the only level-headed person in a ten mile radius sometimes

but everyone feels like that, you know?

alex really wanted to call her the other day but i stopped him.

just need to let it go

i wonder what color her hair is now