i wanna start recording again

that was really fun back in the summer when i was recording every day

now i feel like all i do is just sit around all day when i could be making something that i can be proud of

it would definetly be a better use of my time

i looked back at the youtube channel and saw that my oh klahoma video got 170 views

that's pretty cool, i didn't expect that one to be very successful, although i did put a lot of work into it

i'm going home for thanksgiving soon and that will be interesting

i really hatte it down there, but i'll see my parents and one or two friends while i'm down there

being down there while it's cold is going to be really difficult though

i have come to associate the cold weather in that area with being in some sort of relationship i guess, the past five or six years i think i've been involved with someone around this time

just thinking back at all of the things we would do down there in the winter brings me back as if it weren't so long ago, which i guess it isn't

but looking back now it seems different, whereas before it would totally fuck up my whole day if i accidentally thought about going to smithville with her or something a couple years ago

i guess that's why i've always liked the winter, and i guess i still do for different reasons now

i hope she's alright i really do, i wish her the best

i've been having some dreams about her lately but they aren't affecting me like they used to, and that's bittersweet

finally i feel that i'm able to move on, but i don't want to forget her

anyway, same shit as always