been listening to tyler a lot lately and has me thinking more creatively about how i want this seltzer project to turn out

but i feel like you're able to express more things in a rap song than you can in something in the style of what i normally write
just cause there's more words pretty much

i'm too white for that i guess

but i feel like i could really develop alex and louis as characters, you know?
i feel like that would be really cool

i've been feeling pretty good lately, i passed december first without a problem, in fact i didn't even remember its signifigance until the day was almost done

maybe she isn't controlling my thoughts anymore, and it feels amazing

once this week is over i'll finally be able to start doing some real work again

start recording again and really start thinking about how seltzer is gonna work
because right now seltzer is sort of a jumbled mess in terms of plot, the characters exist already and make sense, but alex and louis aren't really in it now that i really think about it

we're not fucking characters in your project _____________

get over it, don't you __________________?

it just kinda seems like you're taking advantage of us, and that you're being kind of unoriginal with this whole idea

i'm in a good spot now and i can do whatever i want