we've really been slacking on work lately, been meaning too make videos to promote the album but i just find myself unable to when i sit down to do it

maybe on the next project we need to make the videos AS we're making the songs
that's what i was doing when i started park, but i decided to stop because i want to focus more on just finishing the album as fast as possible, but now on the other side of that i have the fulll album but no videos

it's okay, i don't have to make the videos but i really should, i wouldn't forgicve myself if i ended up not making anything for this just like the last ep

the problem is that i feel so far removed from park now that i'm finished with it, and i feel like anything i make to accompany it wouldn't really be in the right spirit because i'm not in the saqme headspace i was when i was making it

i'm moving too slowly, but whose standard is that?

i act like it's mine but that's not true, because *i* don't want to work, there are other voices trying to get me off my ass, but they're not me

which is dissappointing, but i guess i shouldn't complain

at least they haven't totally given up yet