maybe two small releases before seltzer is too long to wait, maybe just the one self-titled one and then the full selzter realease

i think the actual track of seltzer would be good as a single but wouldn't it be confusing if i had a single called seltzer and and album called seltzer?

also the image of the seltzer project as a whole has kind of changed in the past few months in my mind, not really sure how thought

now that the self-titled EP is starting to become a mini-version of the full album (i.e. all about you-know-who), maybe the bigger release will be too predictable

i don't know what i'm saying

we now have three pretty clean-cut op songs for the EP, very TV girl-esque. i guess that's what i was going for
big smelly shoes, samurai princess, and another one that i want call "canoe trip" but that might be too basic

we lost another good freind because of louis again, that's a shame