words, birds, and turds

fuck you, i will not compromise for shitty art, even though all of it is shitty anyway

currently in progress:
-the tallest boy in alton, illinois-in production on and off since last september, is mostly done just need to remake a lot of the graphics, re-record some voice lines i'm not happy with, still need to figure out which direction to take the last scene, am hoping to get it out by july 15th
-orfoe volume one- poems pictures and places to think, types out all of the poetry on a cool remington we just picked up at the flea market, currently trying to finish gathering all the info for the "outside" sections, this was supposed to be a zine but it's becoming increasingly clear that it's probably gonna be too long to be considered a zine. also started doing some cool 4 panel stuff and working on getting all the pictures and sketches together too, starting to look really good
-things-eeesh, haven't even really thought about this in over a year but it's still in the back of my mind, i'm just in a very differnet place than when i started it

hopefully we'll be moving into a new place soon, maybe at the beginning/middle of june
mincie just got out of the hospital, salami is doing well, my buddy from way back just got out of boot camp


sabrina and i will be together FOREVER