i did it

kinda rushed the end of it and there are a lot of mistakes i wish i noticed sooner but the first EP is done and will be live on the fifteenth, i hope people like it

my hands have really been killing me, i have carpal tunnel or something like that and i haven't been able to go to the doctor for it this whole time

hopefully i'll be able to go soon because i can barely even type this right now

i should have been writing in here more during quarantine but i didn't, i don't really know why

not like anyone is reading these anyway

there's this guy i went to school with from like first grade through high school, and as long as i can remember he's always been a real douche, especially in high school

he played guitar real well and sang kind of shittily but people seemed to like his stuff, and he got some record deal early on in high school and had some recording studio or something built in his basement.

am i jealous? yeah of course i am, who wouldn't be jealous

but it made it even worse that he seemed to just carry himself in a really arrogant and shitty way like he was some prodigy

his music is shit, objectively. i can see how some people would enjoy it, but some people enjoy shit, and that's okay i guess

he's just trying to put his stuff out there like me so why am i upset if his shitty music gets more attention than mine? because i'm a jealous and petty person, plus i think he doesn't maintain any real artistic integrity in his songs.

sure, my music isn't great, the vocals make me cringe, the structure is uninspired, the mix is fucked up, but i did that shit on my own, you know? i didn't get on a record label when i was 14 because i wasn't singing "sweet home alabama" at a school talent show, i was playing tf2

i don't really know what my point is here, just screaming into the void again

check out the EP when it comes out