not that anyone is listening, but i haven't posted a cover in a while cause i'm working on seltzer

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// sorry

this is going to be art

not just a compilation of songs
an experience

an entirely pretentious experience that keeps my artistic integrity intact. i want people to be mad. no one will discover it, but the people that do won't understand it

that's comforting in a way

gives me a lot of freedom to do whatever the fuck i want
no one's watching

there's literally no expectations of me right now
totally blank canvas

hypothetically, if i were to become popular (which i won't) i will then have a small group of people that could potentially be let down because i do what i want

i don't do this for fame or notoriety or whatever
that's stupid

i know a hell of a lot of people that write songs and play music with the sole intention of becoming famous and having fans. that's so empty

there's this guy i went to school with went to college and minors in songwriting


like you have to fucking learn to do that in school
he's learning how to write a song that's catchy and will get him famous
fuck that
i don't care about that

but who am i

music is about the art not about the money

of course making money from it is an awesome perk but letting that get in the way of making REAL art then the product itself becomes stale and cheap

who the fuck am i though

just a pretenious loser who doesn't leave his room all day every day just making songs that no one will ever hear

there are people out there making bullshit but they're happy