there's a zillion billion things i need to do and have no idea how to do the or what to do first. i don't know what my priorites should be. for a peroid of about two weeks i had it all figured out, what to do, when to do it. now there's a shit ton more to do than what i had before and have no idea what order i should do them in, which is more important, which is even worth it at all. i've already gone through the twevle stages of suffereing and i guess this is the thirteenth bill always talked about. i need to dip my toes in animation but have literally no time what with the current schedule. i've had a bit of reality check when i realized it's already july and i have a hundred marimba pieces to learn for september, not to mention i agreed to join this church band so that's gonna take up even more time, PLUS i teach on the weekends. i either need to keep to this schedule until it literally kills me or come up with something new.