been over two months since the last entry i think

i'm sorry about that

can't really say i've been busy, although my hands have been as bad as ever, been getting jerked around by doctors all summer

did a cool thing last sunday but was pretty anxious most of the time, i'll try again this weekend and see if i can chill out a little more

i think it helped me get over some things i was hung up on, although i'm only realizing it now.....that i haven't thought about those times in a while, and when i do i don't feel that same dark feeling in my gut, and i think things might actually be okay for once

but that feeling doesn't usually last long and i'm finding that the sadness i felt from those events a couple years ago has bled into other things.....these six months stuck in the house certainly haven't done wonders for my mental state, either

bryce cleaned up one of those gross rooms downstairs and turned it into a studio, looks real nice i think. hopefully that will get us a little more motivated to do some work