dab pen broke that sucks
probably for the best i guess

being home really sucks, i was just getting used to really being alone and i love it, but now i had to come back and immediately i feel like shit again

i wonder if she started college yet

i wonder where she's going

i wonder if she thinks about me...

it's been so long... once december 1st rolls around it'll be a whole year

that's so crazy

after all this time, i still feel this way

bryce is doing great things out there don't get me wrong but i feel like he's just running away from these feelings

throwing himself headlong into all this work just to keep him distracted from ourself

got a letter from an old friend today, it made me cry

i don't deserve to have people who care about me after all this, if they only knew who they were caring for, they would be appalled

we're still just kids

we're still just kids

and no amount of pot or ambien or battery acid is gonna change that, we're just three kids, scared shitless by the endless possibilities and distorted expectations.

i know you've been feeling good lately, bryce, i'm sorry