speaking of that friend in his car, him and i went out to dinner with some people we used to work with. well, that's what was supposed to have happened

i drove down and made a surprised visit to the restaurant to see everyone and it was really nice they were all happy to see me, and i was happy to see them, too

the real reason i even went down there was to see my friend i already talked about and this one other mexican guy who works there, him and i would be on the grill together and stuff and over the years i was working there him and i became really close. he would have birthday parties for his nephews and stuff and would invite us, i love that guy

it's funny, cause when i first started there we hated eachother, which is understandable because i was really shitty at my job

but if you told me when i first started there when i was 14 that i would eventually be really good friends with this guy, i would have thought you were crazy

but anyway, him and my other friend were the reason i went down there, and when i got there i said "hey man, remember that hibachi place we all went to in january? let's all go again before i leave, do you want to go tomorrow or friday?"

and he says tomorrow (thursday) is good for him and his brother and nephew and stuff who also work in the restaurant so it was all set. they were all confirmed and everything

i invited this older lady who i was really close with in the store, she's really cool, and she would share her weed with me and my friend after work sometimes, or even during work sometimes which was dangerous

then i invited this girl that used to work there a while ago, she stopped working there around the time i left too, so the other people hadn't seen her in a while either, she's really cool

then i invited this one other girl who works there now, i had only met her like two or three times before because her first day there was my last day there, she's nice enough though, she's 14. thought it'd be nice to include her since when i started working there i never got invited to shit

we get to the restaurant and everyone except the mexican guys show up. i guess there was some miscommunication or something so they couldn't make it, so that sucked, they were like the whole reason i came down in the first place. it was still nice though, i had a really nice time.
i worked there for so long, i forget that sometimes

most of my relationships with the people i worked with there precede the majority of the relationships i have today, and they're the only people down there that i would actually want to spend time with

as far as i'm concerned, 99% of the people i went to high school with can go fuck themselves
what have they ever done for us?

fucking pathetic, all of them


it was nice to see them and i'm glad i did

reminds me that people still rememeber me down there, so that's comforting in a weird way