finally got my own place, i'll be able to record in peace.

i still have roomates but at least i have my own room, that's a lifesaver

having to stop when someone walks in or trying to be quiet is just not a good environment for someone who needs to keep a schedule like this

and the lease is for like ten months so i really have a chance to spread out and be super comfortable
no more packing up after three months or so

ten months is a long time, it hasn't even been ten months since everything happened

that's crazy

it feels like it's been years, but it also feels like it just happened


one of my best friends is living inn his car now, i feel really sorry for him, i offered for him to stay at my parents' place for a while but i guess they weren't all about it

that sucks

i'm really in debt to this guy i wish there was some way i could help him out

i mean i'm so far away from there now there's really not much i CAN do, once my parents clean up the mold in their basement hopefully he can store his stuff there
cause right now he's paying like $87 a month for a storage locker

i hope things work out for the best for him, he really deserves to have thinngs go right for him, he's been through a lot, and he came and visited me when i was in the hospital, he didn't have to do that, i didn't ask him to do that, but it made a huge difference for me. being trapped in that tiny room for so long by myself, for him to come in and just hang out was really nice of him, just to sit there and laugh and forget for just a second all the shit that just happened was so relieving, and i'll always be in debt to him for that