i wish there was a way to thank her i really do

had everything not happened i wouldn't be where i am today

and yeah i'm fucking sad a lot of the time but i'm getting shit done
i'm getting it together for once

i'm not that stressed
i took a break from recording kind of involuntarily but i guess that was healthy in a way

near the end of the summer i went to this beach about thirty minutes away and i had this revelation
i think that was the first time i was actually glad i didn't go through with it

just looking out into that ocean that i looked at for my whole life

this ocean that i grew to just fucking hate with every ounce of my being

but now i was on a different beach, seeing it from a different angle, i'm a different person now
and that's terrifying real and beautiful

there's this girl i like a lot
i got her number yesterday

god louis please don't fuck this up for me

she seems really nice which is so refreshing considering most of the people i know

i'm looking back at all these entries, it makes me happy that i'm writing most of them