alex is right we do need to record something or we're gonna implode

but it isn't as big a deal as he makes it out to be

we've been watching lots of obscure animators on youtube lately, really makes me want to try it myself.

i have this cool idea, a scene with me and louis and alex in the bathroom looking at a cockroach in our bathtub

i've been wanting to try animation for a really long time ever since i started getting into jack stauber back in the day, but after finding these new channels it kinda spurred me back into action

i've been particularly obsessed with this channel umami, he makes this series called interface and it's wild, he even composes all the music for it too

i spent three hours just drawing louis's background and his sprite, just need to now figure out all the facial movements and stuff like that, i think i'll make each mouth position and eye position a seperate image file and layer them on in the actual video editing porcess. i woulld have to first record all the audio and sounds first, that should be interesting

i also have a working script in progress, it's just difficult to write for louis and alex if they aren't with me at the moment

i'm also trying to learn how to do text effects like bill

i thinkk i heard him say one time that all of his text are actually image files with transparent backgrounds, that'll probably make things a little easier, if only blender didn't make me want to rip my hair out

i really want to make a music video for the last song i recorded on the seltzer page

i really want to go to a diner