been up top yet? hell of a view
nothin like it in this whole gawddamn world
i can see all the houses from here
all them driveways and mailboxes
all them minivans and basketball hoops
all them mine and i theirs
all them stairs
who's to blame when the stockyard gets struck?
when the groundwater spoils?
when the money runs out?
who'll be there to keep the place from anarchy?
from the dregs in rags?
from drifting spraycans and dripping gay hands?
who'll watch over this place when we're gone?
after them spinning chimney tops rust over
and everyone forgets even the passersby,
will anyone feel the wonder we do?
will anyone give a fuck?
soon all these places will be identical
bulldozed and developed and redeveloped
whorehouses from pretty flowers
so gawddamnit run don't walk
out there it's only temporary
and who the fuck do you think you are?