the blue night
that floods the rivers
lakes overflowing the shorelines
creeks pulsate outward through layers of brown leaves folding over one another
puddles even, deepening black pools hidden under tall birch shadows
lengthening, consuming
becoming this the blue night, the passive inevitable
far fetching all encompassing
bolts of timbered electricity fan out overhead, nests empty
fill the low sky in one last explosion of flying life
spiders scheme, snakes sneer, sqirrels sleep
owls keep watchful eye of the blue night
its prudent sleepy guardians
sit unvexed high above the creeping echoes
the weeping crickets
the dim weary fireflies, fluttering flickering muttering their secrets
together in the cool blue under no clouds, just the thinness of the atmosphere
separating the tops of the trees from the universe
each star pointing and arranging itself for the night