I am an obelisk built by slaves
I am a coffee bean picked in Peru and ground and brewed in Piscataway and drunk by a 5'10" 220 pound gorilla music man
I am a stone that was squeezed
And the water drained from the brain
I am every sardine in the tin writhing in oily pain
I am harpo with a harpoon
I am STUPENDOUS in Portugal
I am a line cook on hot coals in deep fat sinking into the sea sipping PBR and pretending to be drunk
I'm okay I guess
I am swimming circling serpentine the way a fish would if it knew that we chop off its head and fins before we eat it
I'm a Van Gogh casino with mosquitos
I'm a vanilla bean in the Philippines
I'm stonewash Jeans and banana cream
I am dynamite in the moonlight