in a taxi in rio on thursday
steamy clouds hang low through the fortress wall mountain hills as mopeds beep and weave between hot purring metal horses and bulls and i watch through piss-colored glasses
it's raining now, killing off the heat from the previous days
expensive apartment on the fifth floor foil balloons "21" and ribbons
8000 miles just to hear fucking blink 182?
it's outkast now, and the rain stopped
motorcycle helmet hung on a stud sticking out from a concrete telephone pole
sabrina is closing her eyes
heading for a tunnel i pretend i'm underwater and that the walls are tiled and filthy and blue
this is all pretend, though, if not at the very least pretentious, coming out of the tunnel now
an explosion on dark green and gray and brown tired looking brutalist structures desperately reaching up out of the vines and leaves
fat weiner dog, i think i saw a woman smoking a blunt but it was probably just a cigarette
the trash truck is behind us
some rain again, "beat it" just came on
what was i thinking about earlier today? i can't remember, just the feeling it gave me behind my eyes
the graffiti is different here, smaller tags
Pink building! popping out among the eggshells
we're almost there, i'll stop thinking for now
three steps, four steps, just have to remember left then right

what a horrible, rude old hag!
but the place was nice
i think we'll live there
i got lost in the kitchen tiles, just imagine doing shrooms in there!
in a cafe now, i want some orange juice and some red velvet cake and some water to cleanese the pallet
things are looking okay
i think i'll mess with that new titler when we get back