Old fat lee with shark teeth

got some skinny little chicken legs there boy
Put some meat on them bones
Drink a little beer put some hair on ya chest
Get sweaty you gotta work boy
You gotta prove yourself boy
Gotta make the boss man happy
You remind me of me
Young lee, I was still here, been here forever
Been workin this fryer since before you were born son
I know this place in and out
You's got a future here I can tell
I hear those deep tracks you got on the speaker
Talks to my soul, reminds me of old times in Somers point, of my off days
Fat lee that's me, stick around and we'll be best buds
Don't go leavin now like the rest, this ain't no one season gig, you's gotta come back every summer now you hear?
Ain't nothin gonna change, we'll be waitin for ya