the fairmont on the beach at 5:58pm
a sickening display
there's a bunch of american guys on the balcony, i can tell they're american
the bright orange ergonomic UV sunglasses gave it away
all the staff wear these ridiculous floral outifts so they can pop out when you're looking for them in a crowded sweaty swimming pool
such a beautiful view, i don't think i've seen rio from this angle, and for good reason
everyone that comes here will just think this is what rio is like
everyone's happy, ashtrays next to every seat, complimentary breakfasts and valet parking
for most people coconut water just comes in a bottle
there's a lonely man on his phone by the pool, looks like he's waiting for someone
a family of three keeps staring at us while we eat and i make a concious effort to eat as obnoxiously as possible
military helicopters continually fly by to the awe and amazement of the american dudes
there's an old man with a shirley temple that looks like toby jones
the couple next to us has three kids and a maid, you can tell she's a maid because they made her dress in all white

a warm orange glow on the horizon draws the attention of some of the guests
the shadows behind each hill growing longer and lazier
until the whole city is engulfed by the night, and the party on the balcony continues, musicians belt and perspire on the stage above the pool
they looked like jesus
i don't think anyone was really listening

the streetlights on the beach flared through my glasses and they looked like stars like angels bursting from each pole and refracting off the thick salt in the air