Wanna go outside
Wanna go to the woods
Wanna go way out
Way, way out
Gonna pack me a bag
Only need the essentials
Only need a big jug of water and a pad to sleep on
And a kerosene lamp
And some sausages
Gonna make me a little fire pit
Gonna cook them up real nice
Eat 'em off a stick

Gonna lay out there under the stars
Under them big trees
Dancing swaying in the cold wind
Them big tall trees
Them big dadjim things
Older than me
More useful than me
They can make houses and barns and fences and benches
Picture frames and wardrobes and toothpicks
Solemnly shitting out oxygen and acorns
Nourishing all

Gonna find me a little doe out there
Gonna make her my wife
Gonna makes the bucks jealous
Gonna brew her some tea by the fire
Make a nice little grass bed for her to sleep
While's I chat with the chickadees

Wishin it were colder
Wishin I were older
Fishin out there on lake surprise
Reelin nothin in but lettin the swampy air fill my lungs
Stoppin to rest at a rough stone cut picnic table
Overgrown and sinkin into the mud
Makin my way out to them holes at the base of the tree
Convenin with the leaves, with the orange fungus

Gonna get out there some time
When I'm back
I promise