i will read those wise words written on the wide ravaged wall
by some vagrant walking on that wicked path deemed to be much too wild
and strange for the swine and the boars
living in some miserable town
i will turn it to ashes on the cold dead ground
i will stand upon the grave of the walls that block the wind from howling
over the hills and the plains and i see it for how it is
i see it for how it is man
it's all shit
it's all shit
it's all fuck
it's all shit and fuck and fuck and shit
it's all blank walls to be painted
but all the paints and dyes have dried and the fathers and mothers have died
and all the flowers strangled
and all the birds shriveled
little dinosaurs returning to the earth
and i will join them once i can meld my thoughts to branches of those tall tall towering trees
like huge wooden foxes with thousands of tails reaching toward the moon
and then i'll light them up
and release that glorious red glow into the sky
that's what i'm gonna do