Was thinking about the wonder years today
Saw them a bunch of times back in the day with someone I try to forget nowadays
This one show, halloween in central jersey
The starland ballroom
Up first, the worriers, then tiny moving parts, then tigers jaw
Bodies swaying and sweating, ready for the main act
They were dressed like queen, and soupy had shaved his whole great big beard off except for the mustache to look like Freddie mercury
Every show was the same really, save for a few different tunes here or there
This night they played her song
"Goddamn you look holy" and everyone put up their phone flashlights
During the encore another mosh pit broke out and Louis groped a girl dressed as Wednesday Addams in the confusion

Another show, Asbury park house of independents
Got vip tickets and saw them earlier
That's where I met Tommy traina
He was standing outside selling cds and I bought one and we listened to it on the drive home
"Bitch suck me off suck me off suck me off"
Crunk punk, that was his thing
I imagine there was an argument that night
But I'd like to think there wasn't.