here are some of my favorite albums

these albums i believe have had a direct impact on my own aesthetics and style, and have helped me through some tough times
(in no particular order)

prefab sprout- "steve mcqueen" (1985)

ween- "the mollusk" (1997)

butthole surfers- "locust abortion technician" (1987)

beck- "mellow gold" (1994)

prefab sprout- "swoon" (1984)

nick drake- "pink moon" (1972)

pharoah sanders-"karma" (1969)

melvins- "houdini" (1993)

pink floyd- "animals" (1977)

merzbow- "pulse demon" (1996)

tiny tim- "god bless tiny tim" (1967)

clown core- "toilet" (2018)

jack stauber- "hilo" (2018)

sibylle baier-"colour green" (1970/2006)

the caretaker- "everywhere at the end of time" (2016-2019)

the beatles- "rubber soul" (1965)

mndsgn- "bodywash" (2016)

hiatus kaiyote- "choose your weapon" (2015)

sun ra- "a fireside chat with lucifer" (1983)

the garden- "kiss my super bowl ring" (2020)

faxed head- "chiropractic" (2001)

louis cole- "album 2" (2011)

duke ellington, max roach, charles mingus- "money jungle" (1963)

everything bill wurtz has ever made